Thinking Out Loud

In this blog, I will write about all kinds of things. I have no theme. I will simply write about life. Staying true to my nature, you can expect it to be rather random… bouncing from the lighter side of life to the deeper side of life. A lot of what I write will be related to what I am reading and my everyday experiences. My hope is that you will be entertained and perhaps challenged to learn and grow with me.

Over the last several years, I’ve learned the value in associating with people who help you learn and grow. In general, although I am rather a deep thinker, I’ve kept most of my thoughts to myself. For years, I’ve valued my gift of being able to view issues from all sides, however, I have lacked the courage to express my thoughts or take a stand for what I believe in fear of offending or causing conflict. In many ways this has prevented friends, family, co-workers, and everyday acquaintances from really getting to know me. Which hardly seems fair to them or me. What I have come to realize is that by silencing my thoughts, I have not allowed them to be tested, challenged, and developed.

Best-Selling Author Orrin Woodward, defines character as a simple but not easy formula.


“Integrity is not doing wrong, while character is doing what is right…. A person moves from integrity to character when he holds on to his principles even when a conflict with others who violate these principles arises… Character demands action to end injustice.” (Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life)

In writing this blog, my intention is not to throw away my gift for seeking first to understand all sides of an issue. And of course, I never want to intentionally offend. My intention is simply to put a voice to my thoughts, to share what I value and believe, to learn, and to grow.

I ask only three things: (1) For a little grace. The thoughts I have today, may not be the thoughts I have tomorrow. Grant me the grace to learn and grow. (2) Actively participate through comments on my blogs, so that my thoughts can be tested, challenged, and developed, and (3) Show mutual respect for not only my thoughts but for those who comment. We may not always agree on the issue but we can always agree to respectfully disagree.

**Disclaimer: If I feel that your comment is derogatory/hateful/discriminatory towards an individual/group, or overly vulgar. I maintain the right to remove it. **